Haindlkai in Mauthausen, Austria


Haindlkai - the street that faces the Danube river in Mauthausen

Mauthausen is a charming little town on the north bank of the Danube river in Upper Austria, 20 kilometers from the city of Linz. The name means "toll house" because in Medieval times, ships traveling on the Danube had to pay a toll here. The photo shows Haindlkai, the street that faces the Danube. On the right is Chalet Wedl with the yellow Lebzelterhaus next to it.

The Chalet Wedl is the first sight that visitors see if they are driving to Mauthausen on Route 3; opposite this spectacular building, and behind the camera, is the exit from the highway to the town.

Exit from Route 3 is behind the camera

Lebzelterhaus on Haindlkai in Mauthausen, Austria

The Lebzelterhaus is an early 18th century Bürgerhaus; it stands next to the Chalet Wedl on the Haindlkai. Note the two boulders of Mauthausen granite in the foreground.

Chalet Wedl in Mauthausen, Austria

The two windows on the ground floor on the left have bars in the shape of a spider web, and the door on the right also has a spiderweb design.


Spider web on door of Chalet Wedl in Mauthausen, Austria

Chalet Wedl in Mauthausen, Austria

Note the Catholic statue at the top of the building. This is a common feature on many of the buildings in Mauthausen.

Painting on the wall of the Chalet Wedl in Mauthausen, Austria

Dentist's house

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