Gardelegen Massacre, 13 April 1945

These old photos of the Gardelegen massacre were contributed by Ethel B. Fitzgerald Stark, the daughter of the late Robert Archie Fitzgerald of the 124th Ordinance H.M. Company. Robert A. Fitzgerald is the tall soldier in the back row in the photo below.

Robert A. Fitzgerald and 4 other soldiers at Gardelegen

American soldiers at the scene of the Gardelegen massacre

Prisoners died inside the burning barn

Dead prisoners in front of one of the barn doors

Prisoners who died in the Gardelegen massacre

German civilians were forced to bury the bodies

German civilians prepare the bodies for burial

Karel Margry's account of the massacre

Text of Memorial Site Pamphlet

Germans forced to see the barn

Germans forced to construct cemetery

Ceremony at the cemetery

Prisoners who escaped

Gerhard Thiele ordered the massacre

Pamphlet made by 102nd Division

Old Photos contributed by soldiers


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