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Since this website was started way back in 1998, we have received many contributions of old photographs and first-hand information from our readers, for which we are eternally grateful. These contributions are most welcome as they serve to enhance our web pages immeasurably.

Old photos of the bomb damage to the city of Nürnberg (Nuremberg) Germany were contributed by Charles J. Sheridan.


Old photos of the Gardelegen massacre were contributed by Ethel B. Stark, the daughter of Robert Archie Fitzgerald.


A poem about the Majdanek death camp was contributed by Frank Miller:


Photos of Oskar Schindler's factory in the Old Jewish Quarter of Kasimierz in Krakow, where Schindler's List was filmed, were contributed by Richard Stephenson, who took the Schindler's Steps tour in December 2005:

A copy of the Newsletter of the 42nd Rainbow Divison about Dachau, dated 1 May 1945 was contributed by Paul Lorenz, whose father was one of the liberators of Dachau.

A photograph, taken at the Ohrdruf sub-camp of Buchenwald, was contributed by Mary Liethen Meier, the niece of Captain Liethen, the German-American soldier who arranged a visit to the camp for General Dwight D. Eisenhower and three other generals. Mary Liethen Meier also sent us copies of letters written by Captain Liethen, in which he described the Ohrdruf camp.


Jim Hartey sent us several original old prints of photos taken at Bergen-Belsen, which he obtained from one of the British soldiers who helped to liberate the camp.


Kerry Smith sent us old photos taken in 1945 by Oswald Lewis, a British soldier who participated in the cleanup operation at Bergen-Belsen.


A photo of the Monument at the Natzweiler concentration camp in Alsace, France was sent to us by Diane Shaffer:


Old photos taken after the liberation of Buchenwald were contributed by Bob Landino:


Old photos of Dachau contributed by Donald E. Jackson, who was with the 40th Combat Engineer Regiment at the Dachau liberation, are on these two pages of our web site:

Old photos taken after the liberation of Dachau were contributed by Fred Ludwikowski, who got them from Robert Thomas Gray, a soldier with the 14th Ordnance Co. They can be seen on this page of our web site:


In July, 2006, we added two new sections with photos taken by Bonnie M. Harris. They are at these URLs:

Ms. Harris has also contributed a selection of photos of the Berlin Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe and a personal perspective of the Memorial, which is at this URL:


Alan Collins generously allowed us to use his photos of the Chelmno and Sobibor death camps:


Check out these photographs of Auschwitz taken in January 2006 which were contributed to us by José Ángel López:


Old photos of Buchenwald, taken by an American soldier after the camp was liberated and contributed by Charles E. Becker, can be seen on this page of our web site:

Simon Robertson allowed us to use his photo of the Plaszow quarry on this page:


Simon Robertson contributed a photo of the Auschwitz gas chamber:

Simon Robertson also contributed an essay about Theresienstadt:


Old photos of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, taken in April 1945, were contributed by Rob Hughes, the nephew of Tech/5 Dan Curtain. The photos are at these two URLs:

Old photos of the Gardelegen Massacre on 13 April 1945 were contributed by Bill Wilson, the son of Captain Weldon W. Wilson:


Photos of a small pamphlet about the Gardelegen Massacre, which was produced by the 102nd Division of the U.S. Ninth Army, were sent to us by Paul Rentz, the son of Clifford Rentz, who witnessed the aftermath of the burning of prisoners in the Gardelegen barn:

Paul Rentz also sent us photos of his father, Clifford Rentz, who was an MP with the 102nd Division of the U.S. 9th Army:


Photos of Gardelegen, taken by J. Edgar, a soldier in the British Army, were sent to us by Craig Tisbury:


Another contribution to our website is a personal account of a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau written by Laura Carboni. It is at this URL:


We have received six essays contributed by Dr. Wolf Murmelstein, the son of the last Jewish Elder of the Theresienstadt ghetto. The most important one is entitled "Ten Basic Facts about Theresienstadt." The most recent one can be read on the same page as the essay entitled "The Judenrat Question."

They can be accessed from this page of our website:

Essays of this type from survivors, or soldiers who were the liberators of the camps, are most welcome. We will publish any and all that we consider suitable. E-mail your essays or photos to us at this address:


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