New Cemetery in Lublin

Inside of New Cemetery with view of wall

The reconstructed New Cemetery in Lublin was registered as a historical monument in 1989. Recently a new wall has been added, surrounding the original cemetery. It is made up of macewas made out of concrete with an iron Menorah separating each group of five stones. There are 300 macewas in the wall. On the inside of the wall, tombstones inscribed with the names of those buried in the cemetery, are placed on the concrete stones. The photograph above shows the inside of the wall.

On the outside of the wall, the stones look as though they have suffered from war damage or the ravages of time; this is intended to symbolize the destruction of the cemetery by the Nazis.

View of New Cemetery wall from the outside

The photo below shows part of the wall with the huge iron gates shaped like a Menorah which swing open on wheels that run on a track on the concrete.

Wall and gate into the courtyard in front of Chamber of Memory

The photo below shows the heavy iron Menorah-shaped gates to the entrance of the Chamber of Memory, which also have wheels on a track; the door into the chamber is in the background.

Iron gates on wheels at entrance to Chamber of Memory