Chamber of Memory

Exterior of Chamber of Memory

In the 1980ies the New Cemetery in Lublin was reconstructed and a Chamber of Memory was built at the entrance on Walecznych Street. The Chamber of Memory building is over 30 feet high and looks even higher because it is set upon a hill at the top of the steps leading up to it from the sidewalk below. Designed by Lublin architect Stanislaw Machnik, the Chamber of Memory is both a sacred building and a modern sculpture. The building, pictured above, resembles a huge overturned macewa (grave stone) and a sarcophagus, a tombstone case.

In the interior of the sarcophagus is a small Synagogue, which can seat 25 people. It is shown in the second picture below.

Synagogue inside Chamber of Memory

The cemetery reconstruction and the Chamber of Memory were a gift to the citizens of Lublin from the Sara and Manfred Bass-Frenkel Foundation. Holocaust survivors come from all over the world to visit it.