Izaak Synagogue

Izaak Synagogue in Kazimierz with stairs to women's gallery

On ul. Miodowa, between ul. Kupa and ul. Jakubia is the Izaak Synagogue, which was founded in 1644. The photo above shows the Synagogue with the exterior stairway going up to the women's gallery. Of the seven Kazimierz Synagogues, this one was the most architecturally pleasing to me.

All the Synagogues in Kazimierz are very close together in a small neighborhood. The nearby Kupa Synagogue (not shown) was built in 1643. The inhabitants of the Kazimierz ghetto were all Orthodox Jews and very religious.

The photograph below shows a poster on the wall outside the Izaak Synagogue. This Synagogue invites non-Jews to events which it sponsors. These posters had been put up on many walls in Kazimierz, but most of them had been scratched or defaced. Notice that the writing is in both Polish and English, something that is common in Poland.

Stairs lead to women's gallery

Poster advertising Jewish films shown at Synagogue

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