Remu'h Synagogue

1998 photo of the entrance to Remu'h Synagogue on Szeroka street

On the western side of ul. Szeroka at #49 is the Remu'h Synagogue which was established in 1553; it is the smallest of the Synagogues in Kazimierz and the only one which was being used for Jewish worship every Friday and Saturday when I visited in 1998. The present Synagogue building was completed in 1557 and replaced an earlier wooden Synagogue built on the same spot.

The doorway shown in the photo above opens into a courtyard with the actual entrance to the Synagogue beyond it. The photo below was taken from inside the courtyard, looking toward the other side of the door that is shown in the photo above. The entrance to the actual synagogue is behind the camera in the photo below. The stairs lead up to the women's gallery.

Inside the courtyard, looking back towards the entrance gate

October 2005 photo of the Remu'h Synagogue

When I visited Kazimierz in 1998, there was a restaurant owned by the American Nyssenbaum Foundation located right next to the Remu'h Synagogue. This large upscale restaurant had a brass mezuzah on the right-hand door frame, which the tour guide pointed out to me. A mezuzah contains hand written verses from the Deuteronomy on a parchment scroll. Jews traditionally take the mezuzah with them when they move to a new house, and it is the custom to kiss the mezuzah upon leaving the house each day.

When I visited Kazimierz in October 2005, there was another restaurant in the same spot; it is pictured below. In 2005, there were large crowds of people visiting Kazimierz and the center of the street was full of parked cars.

New restaurant next to the Remu'h Synagogue on west side of ul. Szeroka

On my 1998 visit to Kazimierz, I was not able to go inside the Remu'h Synagogue because it was still being used by Jewish residents as a house of worship. In October 2005, I had to pay an entrance fee to see the interior, but I was allowed to take the photos below.

Interior of Remu'h Synagogue with the bimah in the foreground

Interior of Remu'h Synagogue

Cemetery next to Remu'h Synagogue

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