Chelmno Death Camp

Memorials at the Waldlager (Forest Camp)

Entrance to Rzuchowski Forest camp where Chelmno victims were buried

Photo Credit: Alan Collins

Polish Memorial in foreground, Mausoleum in background

Photo Credit: Alan Collins

Memorial for Polish victims at Chelmno

Photo Credit: Alan Collins


Mausoleum in former Waldlager camp in Rzuchowski Forest

Photo Credit: Alan Collins

Detail of sculpture on Mausoleum

Photo Credit: Alan Collins

Side view of the Mausoleum

Photo Credit: Alan Collins

All of the photos above were taken at the Forest Camp where the bodies of the victims were buried and/or cremated.

The following quote is from a book by the Central Commision for Investigation of German Crimes in Poland entitled "GERMAN CRIMES IN POLAND" (Warsaw, 1946, 1947):

The final activities of the camp at Chelmno in 1944 differ from those of 1941-1943 in this, that the victims were brought from Kolo by a local branch railway line direct to Chelmno, where they were left for the night in the church, and the next day were taken directly to Rzuchow wood. In this wood, at a distance of only 150 metres from the crematoria, two wooden huts were constructed, one of them designed, as was previously the country house at Chelmno, to be a dressing room for those going to the bath, and the other as a clothing and baggage store.