Monument to Hans Sachs

Statue of Hans Sachs after the British bombing of Nürnberg

The statue of Hans Sachs managed to survive the destruction of Nürnberg by Allied bombs on the night of January 2, 1945, although all the buildings around it were demolished. New modern buildings have replaced some of the historic buildings that were destroyed.

Bomb damage in Nürnberg, January 1945

Photo Credit: Charles J. Sheridan

Hans Sachs lived from 1494 to 1576, during the Renaissance period, and was a contemporary of Albrecht Dürer and Martin Luther, who led the Protestant Reformation. Sachs was a folk singer who belonged to the guild of Meistersingers or master singers in Germany. In 1515, he established his residence at Nürnberg after a period of traveling all over Germany writing and singing songs. He became a shoemaker but continued to compose thousands of poems and songs. His name was immortalized by Richard Wagner (1813 to 1883) who based an opera on him, called Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. A performance of this opera always preceded the annual Nazi rallies at Nürnberg in the 1930ies.

Zeppelin Field

Palace of Justice

City of Nürnberg

Bomb Damage

Bombed Churches



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