Natzweiler-Struthof camp prison

The photo above was taken from inside one of the cells in the camp prison at Natzweiler Struthof. It shows the open door of a regular cell and in the background, across the hall, one can see a small cell where prisoners were kept in the dark for three days, without being able to stand up or lie down.

The photo below shows the inside of the small cell, which is no bigger than a closet and only about four feet high. The doors of these cells are made of metal. An air hole can be seen on the left wall of the cell.

At the entrance to the prison block, there is a sign which explains the degrees of punishment at Natzweiler:

1. First degree

During three days, wooden bunk in a light cell, bread and water.

2. Second Degree

Up to forty-two days: wooden bunk, dark cell, bread and water (normal food every four days only).

3. Third degree

Up to three days, no possibility to sit or lie down in a cell, bread and water.


The photo below shows a door to a "third degree" cell between the doors of two regular cells. Note the peephole in the door of the regular cell and a Christian cross underneath it. On the extreme left of the photo is a round, black light switch for the regular cell which was lighted. The "third degree" cells had no light.

The photo above shows the whipping block. This device was used in all the Nazi concentration camps. Prisoners were forced to bend over this block while they received 25 blows from a whip. All punishments had to be approved by the central office in Oranienburg. Prisoners were punished for such offenses as sabotage in the factories or stealing the food of other inmates.



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