Heinrich Himmler

"I believe, gentlemen, that you know me well enough to realize that I am not a bloodthirsty man nor a man who takes pleasure or finds sport in the harsher things he must do. On the other hand, I have strong nerves and a great sense of duty - if I do say so myself - and when I recognize the necessity to do something, I will do it unflinchingly. As to the Jewish women and children, I did not believe I had a right to let these children grow up to become avengers who would kill our fathers and grandchildren. That, I thought, would be cowardly." Heinrich Himmler, speech at Sonthofen, May 24, 1944

Himmler, the No. 2 man in the Nazi party, stands behind Hitler, 1934

Hermann Göring, Himmler and Hitler were all smiling in 1934

Himmler, standing behind SA leader Ernst Röhm, 1933

"Furthermore, Czechoslovakia has become anti-Semitic, all the Balkans are anti-Semitic, the whole of Palestine is engaged in a desperate struggle against the Jews, so that some day there will be no place in the world left for the Jew. He says to himself, this danger will only be removed if the source, if the originating country of anti-Semitism, if Germany is burnt out and destroyed (ausgebrannt und vernichtet). Be clear about it, in the battle which will decide if we are defeated, there will be no reservation remaining for the Germans, all will be starved out and butchered. That will face everyone, be he now an enthusiastic supporter of the Third Reich or not - it will suffice that he speaks German and had a German mother." Heinrich Himmler, speech at Munich, Nov. 8, 1938

Himmler with Reinhard Heydrich in Vienna, March 1938

Hitler and his henchmen: Göring, Keitel, Dönitz and Himmler

Photos of Himmler at Dachau

Photo of Himmler after his death

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