Restaurants and Hotel in Terezin

Restaurant on Hauptstrasse near Magdeburg Museum in Terezin

Two of the original Theresienstadt buildings have been converted into Holocaust museums, and near both of these buildings, there was the overpowering smell of raw sewage. One of the two restaurants where I ate was located in this foul smelling area near the museum in the former Magdeburg Barracks building on Hauptstrasse. In spite of this, the restaurent shown in the photo above had plenty of tourists as customers, and the smoke-filled bar was full of local men enjoying a midday beer or two. I ordered a plate of cabbage and potatoes because I wanted to get an idea of what it must have been like in the ghetto; the food was the worst I've ever tasted in my life, so I felt as though I were truly having the ghetto experience. In all fairness to this restaurant, which is highly recommended in some tourist guidebooks, maybe cabbage and potatoes is not their speciality, or it could be that I just lost my appetite in this depressing environment.

There was a Kosher restaurant on Langestrasse near the Ghetto Museum, and next to it was another small restaurant which was open early in the morning, so that I could have a nice breakfast, including hot tea which was served in a tall glass without a handle.

Kosher restaurant on the corner; restaurant on the left opened early in 2000

Park Hotel at the former location of the SS barracks

In 2000 when I visited, there was even a hotel, called the Park Hotel, which was located where the SS soldiers' barracks used to be when the town was the Theresienstadt ghetto.

Building in Theresienstadt used as a concert hall

Terezin has everything that you would expect to find in any normal town: shops, restaurants, a hotel, a post office, four parks and a town hall, but it is not a normal town. The memories here are too fresh and too painful for this place to be a normal town.

Children's Barracks

Adult's Barracks

Historic Buildings

Art Museum

Map of Ghetto

Walls and Gate

Ghetto Museum

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