High Synagogue

High Synagogue is red-roofed building in the center

The High Synagogue is located right next to the Old Town Hall building in Josefov, the former Jewish quarter of Prague. The entrance to it is on the south side of the narrow alley called Cervena Street that runs between the Old-New Synagogue and the Old Town Hall. Before 2000, it was open to tourists who could see displays of textiles that were gathered from all over Europe by the Nazis for a Jewish museum they were planning in Prague. When I visited in 2000, it had reverted back to a non-Orthodox synagogue where Jews come to worship and it was no longer open to the public. This Synagogue was founded by Mordechai Maisel who founded the Old Town Hall and it used to be a part of the town hall.

It is called the High Synagogue because the prayer room is located upstairs. Just inside the entrance, on the ground floor, there is a shop that sells books about the Jews and the Holocaust.

The street that runs parallel to Maiselova Street, to the east of the Old Town Hall building, is Parizska (Paris) street. The entrance to a restaurant that is right next to the building that houses the High Synagogue is on this street. The restaurant is shown on the left in the photograph above. The whole setup is most confusing, especially because the Old Town Hall is pink, leading some American tourists to believe that it is the Pinkas Synagogue. The back of the Old-New Synagogue faces Parizska street; it can be seen on the right in the photograph above.